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This Blog is dedicated to my goal to change my life. In this blog you will read of my trials, triumphs and tests into improving the quality of my life and that of my family's life. It will start out with basic things, things I have influence over and will move on to more intricate changes. This blog will read like a diary, one of my goals is to update it daily, noting a small change I have made or maintained during that day.

From food to fitness, spending money to saving money, setting goals and achieving goals, and everything in between. Stay tuned to see how my Lifestyle Lift pays off!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So many things

It has been sometime since my last post, I have to really work on a schedule for myself so that I stay on track with all the things I want to do in a day.  That's the only way there will ever be enough hours in the day.  By dividing the days and hours into chunks of activities and maybe cancelling my cable.

I know cancelling my cable seems sacrilegious, but I need to do something because I am the easiest person to become unmotivated.  Take yesterday for example, I told myself that during Little Man's nap I would plan for my day today at school.  That was the plan.  When Little Man was down for a nap, I did not follow my plan, I watched The Talk, and Dr. Phil instead.  And neither show improved my life.  I wanted to slap Dr. Phil, I wanted to choke out Julie Chen and her View twins. 

So now that is my new goal, make a day plan to follow and stick to it for 21 days.  If I do then I will get to reward myself with a nice new purse when I go to Vegas!!! If I don't I can't have the purse.

I will keep you informed!!!

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  1. I'm the same. I keep telling myself that I will clean my house, do laundry or run on my treadmill when Finley + Peni go down for their afternoon naps at the same time but I too find myself watching Dr Phil, Oprah + The Talk. I really need a good ass kicking + something to motivate me!