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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30day challenge day 12

What areas of your body to you like the best?

 I <3 certain areas of my body.  I most certainly do, I know in my last post I jested that I did not like my body and that it was all a problem area but that's not actually true.  I do have at least three areas of my body that I <3. 
Number 1: I love my curvy shape.  I really do, and I think that that is a part of my body.  For a long time I did not like my shape as a whole package, but I do now.  I love all the curves it has to offer and now I just want to make those curves a little more compact. 

Number 2: I love my calves and ankles.  I throw them in together because really I think they are a package deal.  I love that I don't have cankles, I love the tapering of my calf into my ankles and I think that when I wear high heels I have great calves that I love to show off. ;)

Number 3: Ok here's where I sound like a man, I love my chest area.  I  do, I can't help it, I think it has something to do with having a curvy shape, you have to embrace what your momma gave you and I do.  So there I said it I love my breasts!!!

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