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Monday, December 13, 2010

30 Day Challenge Day 17

Challenge Day!!!!
Add 15 minutes of exercising to each day you work out.

This is what I call my commercial break exercising. For those of us with PVR choose one 60 minute show a week that you usually PVR and watch it during it's regular scheduled time. The challenge is to do 2 different exercises each commercial break.  It's not much but it will add 15 minutes of exercising to your day. 
I will be running the program like this.
first break : Cardio jogging in place
                  Strength: arms bicep curls
second break: Cardio: punching
                      Strength: arms tricep exercise
third break: Cardio: jump rope
                   Strength: squats
Fourth Break: cardio: cross country skiing
                     Strength lunges
Fifth break: Cardio: high knees
                  Strength: push ups
Sixth break: Cool Down Stretching
If all commercial breaks are 3 minutes in length that means you would spend a minute and a half on each exercise then switch.  It's not an exact science but it would make watching commercials more enjoyable :D

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