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This Blog is dedicated to my goal to change my life. In this blog you will read of my trials, triumphs and tests into improving the quality of my life and that of my family's life. It will start out with basic things, things I have influence over and will move on to more intricate changes. This blog will read like a diary, one of my goals is to update it daily, noting a small change I have made or maintained during that day.

From food to fitness, spending money to saving money, setting goals and achieving goals, and everything in between. Stay tuned to see how my Lifestyle Lift pays off!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long Term Goal #2

By August 1, 2011 my diet will consist of 6 glasses of water, 5 servings of fruits or veggies, 1-2 servings of protein and 1-2 dairy servings and 3 carbohydrates, completely eliminating fast food, chips, candy bars and soda.

Short term Goals
  1. By August 15, 2010 I will have not had Pepsi (soda) for one full month or more.
  2. By November 9, 2010 as a family we will have eliminated Fast Food Restaurant dining from our eating menu including delivery and take out.
  3. I will drink at least 6 glasses of water a day and record this in my exercise journal.
I like to set dates for certain criteria that way I can work on portions of the goal and thus complete the goal fully but not feel like all my vices have to be given up cold turkey. ;)

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