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This Blog is dedicated to my goal to change my life. In this blog you will read of my trials, triumphs and tests into improving the quality of my life and that of my family's life. It will start out with basic things, things I have influence over and will move on to more intricate changes. This blog will read like a diary, one of my goals is to update it daily, noting a small change I have made or maintained during that day.

From food to fitness, spending money to saving money, setting goals and achieving goals, and everything in between. Stay tuned to see how my Lifestyle Lift pays off!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Roughly Six Weeks to go

I am going to challenge myself to write in this blog once a day, as a daily record of what activities I am doing in order to make my goals.  I am finding that I am plateauing right now, just not really moving anywhere up or down on the scale.  The number I am not worried about but I do want to be able to fit into my clothes and my skinny clothes.  I would actually like to refer to my skinny clothes as my regular clothes and not my skinny clothes but that is something altogether different.

I am upset about one thing though.  It's such a stupid thing to be upset about, but it is really frustrating for me.  I grew up and I was consistently a C cup, even after my eldest was weaned I went back down to a C cup, not right away but I got there.  It was great because being a D was uncomfortable and bras are friggen expensive.  So I had myself measured yesterday, because I have been going down in sizes in all my clothes but my breasts don't seem to be moving.   I was measured at a DD!!! A DD?!?!?!?!  WTF?!?!?!  I am dieting and working out and my breasts are still carrying around an extra load of fat?  It hardly seems fair. 

I have decided I need to do my Fit Camps MWF and T and Th I have to do cardio as well as one day on the weekend then hopefully my cup size will go back to normal.  I just want to be able to wear my comfy bras and right now they just always look like I am going to pop out if I wear them.  bah oh well here is to the next 55 days before the wedding.  I know I can do it, do you guys have faith in me???

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  1. i always have faith jen!!! you can do it!!