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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I've learned in the past 6 months

I am literally amazed with myself.  I have stuck it out with One to 1 Fitness and have been on a diet and exercise regime that has not only shown me physical results but has also made me fell better about myself as well.  

There are a few things I have learned and come to appreciate in the past 6 months that I think should be shared with everyone.  

1) The number on the scale means less than what it is valued at by most people.  Muscle takes up less space than fat but a smaller area of muscle could weigh more than a larger area of fat.  It's not that muscle weighs more than fat, but it's more compact and won't take up as much space, but the number on the scale does not know that.
2) Energy levels are more important than the number on the scales, it doesn't matter what the scale says, it's what your body allows you to do, and how well you can function throughout the day.
3) Diet is very important to maintaining and losing weight, it's more important than exercise.  This I didn't believe in the beginning but I am finding that it is more true than I would like to give it credit for.
4) Clothing size is different for all designers and in some clothes I may be a size 12 and in others I may be a size 8, all that really matters is how I feel with the clothes on.
5) No one's opinion matters except my own when it comes to my own body.  Not everyone is going to like what they see, but as long as I like what I see, then I should take my happiness from that.

Those are the top five things I have learned, but I have learned more things as well.
6) Squats with one leg on a step with your foot pointed at an angle hurt your inner thighs.
7) running suicides SUCKS!!  Especially when you go full out, I need to work on my fast endurance because it is horrible right now.
8) I can do a real push up it's hard work, but I can do them, but a modified push up allows me to do more repetitions.
9) I have more strength then I am aware of, I must push myself to get more results and to push myself I can't be afraid to try heavier weights.
10) A sports bra is a necessity when working out, a regular bra does not keep the sisters in place.

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