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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eating out while traveling

So the other day I was taught an invaluable lesson from my stomach.   It was a lesson that I shouldn't have needed to be taught as I am a grown woman and should know better.  But here is the lesson I was forced to learn.... If you are not accustomed to eating greasy fast food, do not binge on greasy fast food....  I did not think I was binging on the greasy fast food, but apparently my stomach knew otherwise.

The day started out fine, had breakfast at my cousins then we got ready to head to the beach.  We decided we would stop at a fast food place for the trip out, just for convenience sake.  We stopped at Jack in the Box and had burgers.  The next thing I ate was ballpark food, fried chicken strips and garlic fries.  I also consumed a lot of soda that day, it was diet soda, but it was as much soda as I would have had in the last two months.  Seriously it was all I drank that day.

Well my stomach got me back that night.  I was sick as a dog.   I learnt my lesson, and now I am very aware of what I eat because the greasy food is making me sick.  But I guess in the long run this is a good thing, it is going to keep me on track for losing the weight I want to lose and also keeping me honest to this Life Style Lift as it is a change for all times in my life not just for when I am at home.

I now know that I am not as young as I used to be and my stomach is not as resilient  to ingesting crap food that it used to be able to do in any situation.

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