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This Blog is dedicated to my goal to change my life. In this blog you will read of my trials, triumphs and tests into improving the quality of my life and that of my family's life. It will start out with basic things, things I have influence over and will move on to more intricate changes. This blog will read like a diary, one of my goals is to update it daily, noting a small change I have made or maintained during that day.

From food to fitness, spending money to saving money, setting goals and achieving goals, and everything in between. Stay tuned to see how my Lifestyle Lift pays off!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have decided that I need another new goal, this one will be a subset of my other goals.  Being active and losing weight and exercising but I am sure I will be able to maintain this goal if I work at it.  I find often that I stay indoors when the weather is not very nice.  I won't venture outside and become some what of a hermit.  I have decided that from now until I get married I must go out on a walk every other day.  So basically on days when I do not work in Ponoka I will be walking. 

We started today and it was pretty fabulous out. It was brisk and the wind was a little chilly, but the fresh air was so.... refreshing (who knew) lol.  We walked from my house to my friend Tamara's house which is a good 20 blocks away and then we walked back home.  Little man even walked with me a bit, but he got tired and cranky and wouldn't hold my hand so he cried in the stroller for a good portion of the walk.  Thankfully, it wasn't too busy out so not too many people saw him having a fit.  It was a good two hour walk and I LOVED it!!! I can't wait to do it again and I may even do it tomorrow even though it won't be every other day.  But I am going to schedule it in, I find if I schedule things in I work better.  So that's my goal and I will chart it to see if I can maintain it for 21 days to make it a habit.

Here are some pictures from our walk!

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  1. we try to walk everyday too but these frequent snow storms are getting in the way. but at least that means more puddle jumping right?