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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bikini Season over wedding Date?!?!

So today I am going swimming with the family again.  Actually Chandler may be opting out to go play badminton, but the rest of us are going swimming.  I forgot to do laundry this week (actually not forgot, neglected would be a better description) so my swimsuit from last week is still not clean so I was forced to try on my dreaded bikinis from before I was pregnant. 

Quaking as I pulled out the four different swimsuits (all bikinis) I laid them on my bed.  I knew two would be tight squeezes and I did not want to go to looking like a sausage to the pool, so I immediately put them back.  I tried on a pair of board shorts, but they gave me that horrible muffin top look and I did not want that at all.  So I took a deep breathe and tried on the other two suits. 

At my skinniest I had a bikini that I had to actually tie into a knot on the top part for it to fit me properly, I tried that one on first.  The bottoms fit nicely, but the top was a little tight, except when I undid the knot it was a little loose so there was no happy medium.  Which left me with my last suit to try.

It was one I had bought at my skinniest, but it was a bit big, so I never got much chance to wear it.  I had high hopes that it would fit without creating extra rolls on my body.  I turned around and faced my dresser mirror and was pleasantly surprised with what I saw reflected back at me.  There was no excess baggage, no extra rolls that aren't normally there.  Actually, I was missing some rolls from the last time I had tried on a bathing suit that was not my maternity bathing suit.  I know so sad. 

So now I have an added incentive to get into shape for this summer, I want to rock it out in a bikini, I want to feel comfortable walking down the beach in just my bikini and know that I look like the hottest chick on the beach.  Well at least in Adrian's eyes and honestly that's already the case but I want the other boys on the beach to be jealous of what Adrian's caught.  ME!!! 

So superficial, but I can't wait!!!  It's going to happen.  I may post a picture later, if I am feeling up for it!!!

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