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Thursday, January 27, 2011

oh my poor finger

So I am coaching Junior boys Basketball this year, and it's part of my activity level.  I really enjoy basketball and I am having fun with my team at our practices and the games.  It's a good thing we are having fun because they aren't winning but they are definitely improving.  We started out with 18 boys and I now have 11.  But basketball and I are a dangerous mix.

When I was in school I played basketball in junior high, in high school I lost interest and was working so I could not give up my time for sports.  I sometimes regret that decision but it is what it is.  However, I don't think i was a bad player, I do think I was an easily injured player.  I don't remember a season of basketball passing without me taping up at least four different fingers in buddy splints and an ankle.  I remember having a middle finger and a ring finger that more closely resembled sausages then actual fingers.  I remember hobbling around on crutches and taping my joints all the time.  So I was a little accident prone when I played basketball.  I had hoped that I had outgrown this unfortunate hazard, but apparently I have not.

Today at practice I jammed a knuckle on my pointer finger of my right hand.  I don't think it's broken because I can bend it and stuff, but it hurts to extend my finger and bend it into a fist.  But i have movement, it feels more like it needs to be cracked or popped back into place.  Hopefully it will heal quickly, because it is very awkward trying to type with a buddy splint.

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