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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finding a new end date.

I have every intention to continue working out and watching my diet, but I have encountered a slight problem..... yup I find that I don't feel the desire to stay on the diet as strictly as before.

When I started my lifestyle lift, I had long term and short term goals, many of which have fell to the wayside at this point, but the weight loss one stuck.  I felt that I had let myself go since the passing of my father and the subsequent pregnancy etc, etc.  

Not that I had become Jabba the Hut, but I was four rolls short of this happening, seriously, it was not a great situation.  I happen to be one of those people that can put on weight, and I put it on fairly evenly through my entire body so it's not like one area becomes a problem and the rest still look great. No, as I put on weight I develop all the problem areas, belly, thighs, double chin, wingy arms, well you get the picture.

So then I decided I want to get in shape, for the long run, which is a more important factor than any other that I have come up with, to enable myself to have more energy and be healthy for my kids.  I wanted to enjoy their childhoods so that I could participate with them in their activities and not just be stuck on the sidelines watching because I had no endurance to keep up with them.  The shorter term goals had to deal with the wedding and wanting to look amazing in my wedding dress.

Now I am finding that I don't have the same will power to stick to my diet, because I don't have anything that I am working towards.  Just my long term goals, but there isn't really an end date in which I have to bee a certain weight/size by.  I talked with my trainer and she suggested trying to sign up for a bikini show, which is based on how you look and stuff, but I don't know that I am ready for that.  That seems like it might be a long way off when I look in the mirror, so I need something that may be in the middle of that.  She also suggested doing a Boudoir photo shoot.  Which is something I have considered, but now I have to decide how long I want to give myself to set up this end date. 

I have determined that I would like to lose another 15 lbs.  We were talking at the gym the other day that to loose a healthy amount of weight you should take your weight  multiply it by 10% then divide it by 52.  I think that was the formula and if I follow that formula, that would mean I need to loose 1 pound a week.  I don't know that that is the formula, but when we were figuring it at the gym that is what we came up with. 

Therefore, it can be determined that if I want to lose 15 pounds I  should give myself 15 weeks to obtain my goal.  Thus, by Christmas I should be at my goal weight.  But then what goal do I put for myself, do I set up a Boudoir photo shoot as my reward for reaching my goal weight?  Should I set it up for before Christmas on the 22 or should I set it up for just after New Years?  Or just before New Years? 

I am leaning towards doing a Boudoir shoot, so I can pretend I am a model, and maybe I can be discovered.  Then I can reset my short term goals to maybe do a small bikini show, but I have to set my mind to this goal.  I can't just make the goal, but not actually set up the shoot, because if it's not a concrete possibility in my head I won't do it.

Any ideas or suggestions from my readers would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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