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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Morning Workouts, or Daily Workouts

I find it so difficult to get out of bed on mornings when I don't work, but I know I should, I know I should get up do  quick exercise circuit, but I don't.  I usually laze in bed and then get up, then eat, then play on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for an hour, then I clean the house, and then I do anything but exercising.  ANYTHING!!  I know this is so bad for me, especially because I am considering saving myself some money by quitting the gym and just getting a family pass at the Collicut for the year.  It's cheaper because Hubby works for the city, so then we can both go.  I know, absolutely KNOW that, hubby would not have half the aches and pains he did if he began working out regularly.  So for 1/2 the price of my gym membership a month, I could take my whole family to one of the City Centers, (Collicut, Rec Center, Dawe) and work out there.  We would also get to go swimming as a family or do lane swimming with other friends.  So the thought of quitting the gym, though it pains me to say it, means that I have to become more motivated at home to stay active and in shape.

The gym has given me some great tools and I am very happy with them.  I am not quitting the gym because I am not happy with my trainer, in fact I would offer my trainer money to come train my hubby and I for one hour a week just to make sure I stay on track.  I am quitting the gym because my family cannot afford the cost anymore, especially if we begin looking into moving away from the city. 

So this is what I have begun in December that I am going to push on my entire house.  (Yes I am that pushy, my 2 y/o will even get involved)  I typed up 14 different quick workouts for us to do in the morning. Some will take 15 minutes others closer to 45.  I am going to print them off and put them onto some Scrapbooking paper then we will put them in a little container.  Each day we will pick one of them to do the next morning, and Hubby and I will for sure do them at some point during the day, then we will pick another one.  We will both get one veto day, or day of rest, but it doesn't have to be the same day.  But when we are working out it has to be the same workout.  If the kids are up they will join us.

Also the days I usually go to the gym we will still go to the gym to workout and we will add another day to that schedule so that we are going to the gym 4 times a week.  I think we will work on cardio mostly, but we will definitely do some strength training too. 

Much to my family's dismay we are going to go be changing some eating habits as well.  Especially my hubby, who still snacks out on chips and goodies all the time.  He is going to be put on my diet and I will be making his lunch and snacks and breakfasts for him and he will eat them..... because I said so with love of course.

I will update my workout cards when I have them done, I need to get pictures for them too, so that we know what we have to do.  But it's going to be so worth it.  I heard awhile ago that a family who works out together stays together.

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