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Thursday, July 21, 2011

so here's where I am at....

I have given myself four weeks to get into shape, and lose ten pounds.  Now that isn't my final desired weight for my life, but it's the weight at which I would like to leave Canada before my wedding.  So I had four weeks to get to work and work out in order to accomplish this goal.

I have been working out and I have made some motivational pictures and posters to hang up so I know the desired look I am working towards.  I have been good on my diet, there have been a few, oops-ies, but nothing that has totally derailed me.  Nothing I don't think a little extra effort can't burn off. 

Awhile ago I posted some dreaded bikini shots of me, the front the rear and the side view, I had Adrian take them again so that I could have a visual comparison.  I am down five pounds in the after pictures but you wouldn't be able to tell, at least I don't think you can.  That and the lighting and distance of the pictures was changed so it's hard to say.  I am going to retake them tomorrow so I can get a better sense of what's going on.  I know that I had my measurements and I am down a total of 6 inches as well.  So there are changes happening, and they should be visual, but I think I need another pair of eyes to tell me what they think.  I could be dreaming it all, but I don't think I am.

So here are my pictures for you to see.  Let's see if we notice anything.
So this is the whole shot with all six photos side by side, I will now put up three more pictures with each view on it's on page.

Besides the love handles I don't see much difference but that could be on account of the lighting, angel and the fact that I have a great tan now is really coming through.

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